Zoo College is modeled after the Keeper Training offered at Big Cat Rescue.

It is the only online, virtual training center, where you can test your skills against real life animal care challenges.

The lessons you will learn have been tested and improved over more than 20 years in dealing with some of the most dangerous and majestic carnivores on the planet.

Before now, the only way to get this extensive zookeeper training was to volunteer or intern at Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, FL. Minimum time requirements for onsite training range from four hours a week to 16 hours per week.

Due to the danger involved in caring for lions, tigers, ligers, leopards and other wild cats, it takes two years of training to achieve proficiency, so it would mean years of commitment for you to progress through that experience.

With Zoo College you can pace yourself and test your knowledge, using all of the same teaching guides, videos and methods, before making such a huge commitment of time or finances for a biology degree that won’t give you any real sense of what it means to care for wild animals in a zoo or sanctuary setting. For a limited time you can take the Bobcat Rehab course for free!

If you pass ZooCollege.com you may qualify to apply for a volunteer vacation at Big Cat Rescue where you can apply the skills you learn during a one or two week stay. Find out more at https://bigcatrescue.org/volunteer-vacations/


Testimonials from Users

Shaina D
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Thank you so much! I learned a lot about the cats and their care!
Olivia F
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I signed up on January 3rd, 2017 and have completed the course as of February 2, 2017. Thank you for all that the BCR team does everyday and for creating such an informative course, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Helen B
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I am a stay-at-home Mom to both my Son and Daughter who are on the Autism Spectrum. I am not only their primary caregiver, but I also home-schooled them K-12 (graduating with honors). No matter how busy my day, I found it not only convenient but easy to schedule Zoo College courses throughout my day. I found the courses to be rewarding, enriching and highly educational. It really enlightened me, showing me the wide scope of knowledge necessary to care for these wild animals. This course is an exceptional window into the possibilities of working with animals at a professional facility. I enjoyed the ‘behind-the-scenes’ atmosphere of BCR, and am more in awe of what BCR is doing on a daily basis. It has helped me understand the dedication and education necessary to work in such a professional environment. Finally, I appreciate the fact that although the tuition is affordable, 100% is directed back into BCR.
Misty S
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I want to say a big thanks, to all those at Big Cat Rescue who made the Zoo College possible. I have enjoyed the classes. I have learned so much about these beautiful wild cats, and have even learned things i can not only apply to my feral cats but also my two daschunds!! Thanks so much,
Terry K
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Loved Zoo College! If I ever move to Florida I will definitely volunteer. Keep up the awesome work!!
Michelle C
Michelle C
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If you guys weren’t so far from where I live, you’d have to chase me off your property with a broom because I’d have so much fun volunteering and taking on more and more responsibilities as I continued to learn skill and gain experience that you’d never be able to send me home. ZooCollege.com is a great site! Now I can officially say I’ve earned my first official certificate in zoo science! That PhD is as good as mine! I really enjoyed learning not only about the big cats but also about the foster program until kittens reach two pounds. That gives me an idea for when I have my own practice. (I’m also leaning a bit toward the veterinary side, but even if I do become a vet instead of a zoologist, I know I want to work with exotic animals……..REALLY exotic……however, there are more opportunities for employment if you treat the traditional pets, so why not do both if you can? I know some vets who do, and they have a lovely variety in the patients they work with; really fun.) I also found the advice really helpful. For example, when it’s feeding time for the lions, don’t look them in the eye, and don’t speak. That’s great to know because when I approach any animal, I tend to speak to it, so it’s good to know in advance “Don’t talk to lions when it’s their meal time.” (Wonder how that worked out at the ancient Roman arena…….sorry, I’m also a historical fiction writer.) Marquise Phoebe Anta-m-nehk of Muricide PI was a rescue from the animal shelter two years ago this November. I really liked her because she’s a mix of gray tabby and orange tabby, so she had a really unusual coat pattern, and when I picked her up, she cuddled up to me and started purring like a little motor boat. (That’s cheating!) She still likes to purr herself to sleep on my lap.

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