Captive lions kept in ‘stressful conditions’ create perfect recipe for disease, experts say

In 2019, animal welfare inspectors visited Pienika Farm, a captive-lion facility in the North West province of South Africa. They found sick lion after sick lion living in conditions inspectors described as “horrific.” Twenty-seven animals were severely infected with mange, a condition caused by parasitic mites, while cubs twitched in the dirt, suffering from neurological […]

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Yawn contagion in lions found to also play a role in social behavior

A trio of researchers from the University of Pisa has found that lions, like many other animals, engage in contagious yawning. In their paper published in the journal Animal Behavior, Grazia Casetta, Andrea Paolo Nolfo and Elisabetta Palagi describe their study of lions living in the wild in Africa and what they learned about their yawning practices.

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