Point of View: Stop letting people like Jeff Lowe own tigers

OCT 23, 2020 – Any accredited animal sanctuary owner will tell you: Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness,” fell devastatingly short in depicting the vicious cycle of breeding and animal suffering.
One example comes from Jeff Lowe, former owner of G.W. Exotic Zoo and now owner of Tiger King Park in Thackerville. His exhibitor’s license was finally suspended in August after years of failing to provide adequate veterinary care, maintain proper records and safely exhibit his animals, among other violations.
In facilities like the G.W. Exotic Zoo, female tigers are overbred, and their cubs pulled just days after birth to be used for photo opportunities and cub petting.

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The Big Cat Public Safety Act will stop letting people like Jeff Lowe own tigers.

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I’ve seen Karl’s work and it’s the most important film on the subject, but the networks haven’t cared. I hope you will show your support by watching and sharing this undercover look at what really goes on behind the scenes at tourist attractions that exploit tigers.

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