Rescuers save leopard from drowning in 15ft well [Video]

This is the moment a soggy leopard was saved from drowning after it fell into a 15ft well. The big cat was saved by a huge team of twenty wildlife rescuers who lowered a wooden crate with a quick-shut door into the deep and murky well The dramatic rescue took place in the village of Fakte near Maharashtra, in India, on Monday (July 15).

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Signs warn of Tryon Creek State Park cougar sighting after big cat caught on camera nearby

Tryon Creek State Park Manager Iris Benson and her staff spent Tuesday afternoon putting up signs at trailheads, warning visitors of a morning cougar sighting on a bridge over Iron Mountain Creek, inside the park just north of Lake Oswego. "We went down to see if we could confirm the sighting through footprints or something like that," said Benson. "I don’t know that we’ve been able to confirm that at this time. "

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Snyder County Animal Refuge Ready for International Tiger Day

CENTRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A zoo in Snyder County is getting ready to celebrate one of its most popular species.

At T & D’s Cats of the World, lions and tigers are all around.

At the end of this month, the spotlight will be on nine of T & D’s most popular residents: the tigers. The zoo is getting ready to celebrate International Tiger Day.

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