Why the National Zoo’s enrichment program encourages animals natural behaviors

Animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo see people around them all the time, and they interact with zookeepers and veterinarians. But in no way are these animals domesticated. In fact, zookeepers work to keep these animals “wild. ” As ABC7 makes our way through the staging area of the big cats habitat, we stopped in the enrichment program area. "This an area we keep a lot of our enrichment tools in.

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Two Wisconsin residents respond to tiger exhibit story

Dear editor, I am writing in response to your article titled “CWSF board to take hard look at tiger exhibit.” I’m glad that the Central Wisconsin State Fair board is reevaluating its decision to have tigers at this year’s fair, and I hope it will decide to cancel the show. The director’s fear that a tiger-less fair will lead to demands to exclude cows and pigs at future fairs is a bit absurd. State and county fairs are meant to feature and promote agricultural activities. Livestock, including cows and pigs, are part of Wisconsin’s agricultural heritage; wild animals such as …

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It’s wonderful to see citizens speaking up for voiceless captive tigers! 

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