Warming Trends: Big Cat Against Big Cat, Michael Mann’s New Book and Trump Greenlights Killing Birds

A Climate-Driven Cat Attack? A male jaguar waits near a watering hole. Eventually, an ocelot arrives to drink. The bigger cat quickly strikes, and walks off with the ocelot in his mouth. The attack by one predatory big cat species on another, captured in newly released video footage from Guatemala, was unusual, and scientists say […]

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Leopard Saved From Trap & Baby Owl Returned To Nest | RTM

A leopard found herself trapped in a literal trap in the state of Maharashtra, India. Wildlife SOS came to the big cat’s rescue along with rescuers from the Forestry Department. They had to tranquilize the poor leopard in order to safely remove the trap and treat her injuries. Now for a much cuter rescue! An adorable baby owl in Brazil had fallen out of its nest. A passerby stopped and calmed the frightened bird down a little with a few gentle pets. After he rescued the owl, he returned the next day to see that the bird needed help again. Or maybe the owl just enjoyed his company? via ViralHog

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