Man killed in lion attack at game reserve outside Pretoria

A 70-year-old man was killed by one of his lions on a game farm in Dinokeng, east of Pretoria.

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A representative of Four PAWS said it best: "these attacks can be avoided by not allowing any unnecessary human-wildlife interaction. The fact remains that lions are wild animals and no matter how habituated or tame they might seem, they remain unpredictable and instinctive."

101 Freeway Crossing to Give P-22, Other Wildlife Room to Roam

Like many urban singles, the mountain lion P-22 lives a solitary life in a too-small habitat. And he has a hard time finding a mate in the big city.

Famous for traveling across two freeways and making a huge Los Angeles park his home, the lonesome big cat has become a symbol of the shrinking genetic diversity of wild animals that must remain all but trapped by sprawling development or risk becoming roadkill.

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