Tilman’s tigers get a fancy new back yard

The four white Bengal tigers at the Downtown Aquarium are getting a fancy new outdoor pad. On Friday, the entertainment and dining complex, owned by billionaire Tilman Fertitta’s Landry’s Inc., opens a $4 million, 3,500-square-foot outdoor tiger exhibit complete with a zip line to hang food and toys; rock formations; lush greenery; and a waterfall that flows into a large pool for the tigers to play in. There’s also a training window, where visitors can watch the staff train and feed the tigers. “This is their brand-new back yard,” said Maggie Morse, lead tiger care giver at the Aquarium who also worked at the Philadelphia Zoo. “The wild is a very stressful place, where they are always in protective mode. Here, they don’t have those worries and get to live in the lap of luxury. They can sit in their hot tub without a care in the world or play in their own back yard.” Contrary to common belief, the white Bengal tiger does not have albinism; it is simply born with white hair. Its fur is a rare genetic mutation that occurs in as few as one in 10,000 wild tiger births. The tigers weigh on average 400-500 pounds, and can grow up to nearly 10 feet long. The Aquarium’s 16-year-old tigers — Nero, Marina, Coral and Reef — may live 20-plus years in captivity because of access to good health care and nutrition, Morse said. Their average life span in the wild is 10 years. In Houston, there are nine employees on site who work with the tigers. Over the years, Landry’s has been criticized by animal-rights groups for housing the tigers, which have spent their entire lives at the Aquarium and mostly indoors. In 2015, the Animal Legal Defense Fund charged that the tigers inadequately care for and housed without access to natural…

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Well it’s about time! It took YEARS and lawsuits for Tilman to finally step up and build these tigers an outdoor area. Animal advocates speaking up for these tigers is the ONLY reason they can now walk on grass. Idiot zookeeper quoted saying the wild is dangerous for tigers. What a moron. 

WHS students meet bobcat

It’s not just a rumor now. There really has been a bobcat in Cathlamet. On Monday, students at Wahkiakum High School were introduced to one, a family pet. Ziva was pretty patient with the kids who stopped by the greenhouse on school grounds to see and pet her, becoming only mildly cross with the attention now and again. She belongs to Holly Cox

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Wow, is this stupid. This bobcat must have been drugged to not swipe at these kids. The story says the cat is owned by a vet tech (who should know bobcats make terrible pets!!) and she keeps it inside her house (I would not like to smell the urine in that house!) AND the tech is setting a horrible example that it’s okay for people to mistreat wild cats and try to make them pets. 

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