Helen B

I am a stay-at-home Mom to both my Son and Daughter who are on the Autism Spectrum. I am not only their primary caregiver, but I also home-schooled them K-12 (graduating with honors). No matter how busy my day, I found it not only convenient but easy to schedule Zoo College courses throughout my day. …

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Misty S

I want to say a big thanks, to all those at Big Cat Rescue who made the Zoo College possible. I have enjoyed the classes. I have learned so much about these beautiful wild cats, and have even learned things i can not only apply to my feral cats but also my two daschunds!! Thanks …

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Loved Zoo College! If I ever move to Florida I will definitely volunteer. Keep up the awesome work!! Terry K Note:  Terry finished Zoo College in less than a month!

Michelle C

If you guys weren’t so far from where I live, you’d have to chase me off your property with a broom because I’d have so much fun volunteering and taking on more and more responsibilities as I continued to learn skill and gain experience that you’d never be able to send me home. ZooCollege.com is a …

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Ann A

I just finished Zoo College and truly enjoyed learning about the work that is done there at Big Cat Rescue and the steps you take to be sure you and the animals are safe. As well as, the lengths you go to ensure the health of the cats. I can see why they live into …

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Lisa H

“Zoo College is a fantastic resource to learn about all aspects of Big Cat Rescue’s great work and what it involves. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in volunteering or advocating for big cats.” -Lisa H. Note: Lisa H was the first graduate of ZooCollege.com and was able to complete her studies in under …

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MK Davis

“I love the courses and I am learning a great deal. Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn about caring for these beautiful animals.”  MK Davis

Jocelyn Loreto

I love the new Zoo College. I just completed the Kitten Nursing Class and I’ve been trying to take the quiz to complete the lesson but there is no quiz. All it shows where the quiz should be is a “0”. I’ve tried from multiple browsers and even a different computer and its still the …

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