Lesson 3.3: Enhancements & Monitoring


Enhancements are a great way for you to get the most out of the bobcat rehab program while improving the quality of care the bobcats receive. These additions to the enclosure upgrade the experience for our bobcats, and should be implemented on raking/cleaning days.  Since the enclosure is accessed during those days anyway, we’re not imposing extraneous human exposure upon the bobcats.

Take a few extra minutes after raking or cleaning to better the enclosure (and the program experience) by completing one of the enhancements listed below. Be sure to check the daily tracking chart to ensure that you are not doing the same enhancement that was completed previously, and make sure you add the enhancement you complete to the chart.

  • Replace brush on ground in piles or surrounding dens with fresh brush
  • Weave sprigs of fresh brush above and around shelves
  • Give enrichment items, such as tubes, paper bags, scattered spices – keep it as natural looking as possible
  • Brainstorm special enrichment options, and share them with the Bobcat Rehab Program Manager and/or Carole Baskin – we might implement your idea!
  • Remove branches from the roof of the enclosure, or around the perimeter of the enclosure
  • Add fill dirt to cover wire flooring as it becomes exposed
  • Submit ideas for new feeding techniques – be sure to get approval before implementing them
  • Spread grass seed
  • Feel encouraged to share any other ideas you have to make the rehab enclosures better or to keep the surrounding areas tidy



The rehab bobcats are monitored using a variety of camera systems. The largest original rehab enclosure has a live streaming camera that is broadcast on explore.org in the bigger section. This camera is live 24 hours a day.

This video shows the live stream of the larger part of the enclosure.

The smaller section of this enclosure and the larger section of the neighboring enclosure have cameras that capture video 24 hours a day. Camera feeds are available via Explore or Nest, as well as a permanent recorder and television in the staff residence nearby. Camera traps are utilized to capture specific events like drinking, hunting, or mobility.

This video shows the live stream of the smaller enclosure.

In the recovery hospital  drop cams are used in conjunction with apps such as Nest or Explore.  In some cases, these drop cams can be used outdoors depending on wifi access. All of these cameras give us the ability to closely monitor the bobcat’s health and progress without adding to their human exposure.

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