Lesson 2.1: Program Overview

At BCR, we provide an extensive, well-researched rehabilitation program that is designed to result in healthy, wild bobcats that can be released back into the wild. The program is constantly being reevaluated to remain on the cutting edge of big cat rehabilitation methodologies and best practices.

Press the play button or use the left and right arrows to see what makes up our awesome Bobcat Rehab Program. 

We will cover each of these aspects of the Bobcat Rehabilitation Program throughout the next two sections. Before we do that, it is important to note that the regimen for a bobcat in rehabilitation will differ somewhat depending on whether the bobcat is an adult, or if they are a kitten.


Adult Bobcats

The rehabilitation process for injured, adult bobcats includes a treatment for the injuries they have sustained, then recovery in our enclosures or in our cat hospital, followed by release back into the wild. Our key steps for rehabilitating adult bobcats are:

  1. Treat
  2. Recover
  3. Release


Bobcat Kittens

The rehabilitation process for orphaned bobcat kittens includes weaning them, survival training, and then release back into the wild. We try to maintain as little contact with the kittens as possible to avoid imprinting on them. We want them to maintain a natural, healthy fear of humans so they can be re-released and thrive as wild bobcats. For bobcat kittens, the key steps are:

  1. Wean
  2. Teach
  3. Release

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