What’s Next? 

Captiva the bobcat

Congratulations on completing the Introduction to the Bobcat Rehabilitation Program at Big Cat Rescue! Being a keeper in the Bobcat Rehab Program is hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. We’re excited to see you onsite and interacting with other volunteers and staff at the sanctuary. Please be sure that you have emailed us to confirm your completion of this training at bobcatrehab@bigcatrescue.org.

In an effort to continue to improve our Bobcat Rehab Program, volunteers, interns, and staff will be invited to participate in scheduled meetings where we discuss new ways to evolve the program. If you have ideas or creative solutions that you think will improve the program, please feel welcome to share them with us!

We would love to hear your feedback on this training, so we can continue to improve it as well. Fill out the Trainee Feedback Form below to share your thoughts and comments on this training experience. The survey is completely anonymous, and your feedback will be used to make this course even better for future Bobcat Rehab Keepers!

When you’re done filling out the short survey, be sure to click Submit on the form before marking this lesson as complete.

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